Welcome to NewAge Lights where you can buy Induction and LED grow lights by a click of the mouse. There are slim to zero induction grow lights available in your local grow retailer. We are offering these revolutionary grow lights due to recently noticing there are very little options to acquire these NewAge grow lights anywhere. We provide top of the line LED & induction grow lights in a wide available range of watts. Please browse through the available grow lighting and please feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have.

Below you can scroll through all the grow lighting we offer. The induction lights mainly rely on electromagnetic induction and the basic principles of gas discharge with 680nm red light & 450nm blue light. These 2 types of light are implemented for optimal plant growth & bloom. The induction grow lights have a concentrated spectrum of light band that is mainly absorbed by plants.

NewAge Induction Grow Lights


Check out our selection of induction grow lights. We offer a range of sizes and power usages. These grow lights are NewAge and just arriving to market in the grow industry. These induction grow lights are top of the line, try one now!

The Closet Growers Revolution


These NewAge grow lights are bringing the indoor hobbyist gardener enormous options. It is now possible to cultivate or bloom any type of plant in confined spaces. These induction and LED grow lamps do not create the same 400 degree atmosphere as HPS.